Noblesville Clock Company

Where family heirlooms begin... and priceless treasures live on... chime and chime again!

About Us

Our family business started in 1966 when Lance VanTassel dedicated a small portion of his Muncie based furniture store to display a few grandfather clocks. Together, with his son Clark, they began to develop a true appreciation for quality timepieces.  By 1970, their once 2 to 3 display of clocks had grown into 15-20.  They were then known as VanTassel Furniture and "Clock Gallery"  People came from miles to purchase their family heirlooms and always seemed to have questions about their antique clocks wondering who could fix them.  Clark made the decision that since they were offering sales of quality timepieces, that it was only fair to offer service as well.  With that idea alone, the family began educating themselves and working with clocks.  In later years, having grown up in the family business, Tony and Andy VanTassel began working with clocks under the guided hands of their father and grandfather.

Today, the old furniture store in Muncie is now closed, but the dreams of the late Lance VanTassel and his admiration and love for clocks still lives on in the eyes of his son Clark and his grandsons Tony and Andy.  Today, Clark and Tony continue to carry on their family's tradition in clocks with the help of their companions.  Clark and his wife Sharon work daily at the Noblesville Clock Company along with Tony and Theresa.  Clark does most of the “in home” service calls as well as pick-ups, returns and bench work too.  Sharon works with customers on a daily basis as well overseeing the company’s bookkeeping.  Tony has been working with clocks for almost 27 years now and specializes in collector pieces such as Herschede tubular bell movements both 2 and 3 weight, English bell, and French repeater movements.  Theresa has only been working with clocks for just over 8 years but has mastered the 2 spring American movements. Despite being the newest in the business, she, to this day, holds the family record for the worst injury while working on a clock.  (Not exactly the most prestigious award but happens)  Andy now works only part time with clocks, since the addition of the newest VanTassel, Emily Kay VanTassel born 10-10-01 .  She may not know it yet but she'll have the same love and admiration for clocks that the rest of us do...we know's in our blood!  Even her first word was… You guessed it… “Clock”.  Please stop by and visit us today.  If there is one thing that we do better than work with clocks, it's visiting with our customers. We love visitors and look forward to seeing you soon.

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